Aimont strives to improve the well-being of workers with new technologies and solutions, dicta- ted by more and more demanding restrictions. Aimont and BASF have combined their knowledge to offer you a new sole, the result of the latest collaboration of research and development, using a new high-performance material: BASF’s expanded thermoplastic polyurethane:

E-TPU: Expanded Thermoplastic PolyUrethane
Which is marketed under the name Infinergy®.

Elastic like rubber but lighter, this innovative expanded TPU (E -TPU) combines, thanks to its closed cell technology, TPU properties with the benefits of foam:
• Low density (about 0,25) • High elasticity • Lightness and softness • High resistance to abrasion • High resistance to traction • Good chemical resistance • Very good long-term durability in a wide range of operating temperatures • An exceptional resilience (that has an extraordinary ability to return energy).


One of the most important characteristics of Infinergy® is the excellent elastic memory, thanks to its closed cells structure and to the original molecular architecture of the polymer. The “rebound test” for elastic resistance, a test method determined by ISO 8307, proved that the E-TPU rebound coefficient is more than 55%, much higher than all other polymers available on the market.

From running shoe to safety shoe, it’s just one step!

Already used with success in running shoes, this innovative material improved athletic performances, reducing fatigue.
What if it was the same for the safety shoes users?
For everyone who is exposed to arduous work situations:

• Standing for long periods
• Walking long distances
• Constant kneeling or squatting
• Up and down stairs repeatedly

• Repetitive stress

Trust vigorex to overcome your limits and improve your performance!

Infinergy Aimont creates the innovative sole vigorex:
• As a result of a unique technology
• Based on the world of sport
• Greatly reduces fatigue
• Which deals with work stress

The return of expended energy to the wearer is the result of the flexibility and the dynamic elasticity of the vigorex sole.
And it will bring you well deserved benefits:
• Decrease of the effort
• TMS risk reduction
• An improved blood flow
• A sensation of indisputable well-being


Shock-absorbing but with return of energy!


PUTEK® TECHNOLOGY uses newly developed high tenacity and high abrasion resistant yarns, woven directly into the fabric, to obtain high-tenacity and high- performance rubbing fabrics. These highly resistant and water-repellent fabrics allow the creation of ultra-light and ultra-breathable S3 products.

hypertex Just one data is enough to clarify the qualities that this kind of fabric can show: if during laboratory tests an excellent fabric withstands abrasion tests on average at 51 thousand cycles, HyperTex reaches and exceeds 1 million. Given the time required to complete the traditional abrasion tests, it was necessary to use the test method of EN 388 for work gloves, testing with very aggressive sandpaper at the maximum pressure of 12Kp. The results showed a strength of HyperTex 6 times higher than Cordura 1000, commonly used for high performance products.


Lightweight high tenacity fabric, abrasion and stress resistant, ensures maximum breathability even in extreme situations.

Fabric with a honeycomb structure superimposed designed togive maximum breathability. combined with comfort Plus footbed it enables an enhanced air circulation inside the footwear keeping the foot fresh and dry.

New fabric made of lightweight and extremely breathable synthetic fiber that helps keeping a balanced microclimate also in warm conditions granting at the same time an excellent abrasion resistance.

Multilayer fabric highly breathable and resistant to abrasion and tears.

Fabric with high mechanical properties: scratch, tear and abrasion resistant. Water repellent and stain resistant.

Material highly resistant to abrasion, used to give the footwear extreme wear resistance in areas subject to high stress.

Breathable and non-allergenicmicrofiber, finished with a gel coating enabling a specific stain and wash resistance.

Highly breathable fabric, abrasion resistant, keepsfeet fresh and dry.

TPU grid protecting and supporting the upper giv- ing excellent protection and comfort.

Strong and breathable fabric, particularly resistant against abrasion.


Lining featuring a new technical fiber abrasion resistant, highly breathable, smooth and soft to hand touch, granting a balanced micro climate inside the footwear also in extreme conditions.

3d multilayer lining with honey comb structure acting as air flow channel allaround the foot ena- bling high breathability and allowing for the trans- portation of the humidity outside the footwear.

Lining based on breathable Nylon, abrasion resist- ant. Innovative texture structure.

Breathable, antimicrobial, anti fungal, abrasion resistant.

Thermo insulating fiber giving the perfect thermal balance. Fresh in summer and warm in winter.


Aluminium toecap, lightweight, amagnetic, 200J resistant. It’s 50% lighter compared to the classic steel toecap, whilst giving the same level of pro- tection.


Polymer based toecap, amagnetic, extremely lightweight, thermal insulating, 200J resistant.

Classic steel toecap, 200J resistant.


The new anatomic and antistatic comfort Plus footbed is made out of a soft PU, featuring an ex- cellent energy absorption in the heel area. lined with an abrasion resistant fabric, it is perforated all over the surface allowing for maximum ventilation thanks to the specific air flow channels and the natural flexion of the arch.

Anatomic and antistatic footbed giving a stable support. Antimicrobial and anti-fungal.

FOOTBED made of nonwoven fabric.

FOOTBED made of technical fabric.


High rebound is the new revolutionary technology that, during both the support phase and the thrust of the foot, ensures a return of over 40% of energy upon its entire surface. Your energy regenerated and given back in a constant way to ensure an increase in performance over time. high rebound is extremely flexible and light.
In the return line it becomes the support base that welcomes and bolsters the entire sole of the foot. Its particular blend, soft and comfortable, gives lightness, comfort and total wellness, reducing the sense of tiredness and fatigue due to posture and work performance.
The body of the insole is made of memory foam, thanks to its viscoelastic properties sensitive to heat, it takes the shape of the foot improving weight distribution, dampening pressure points that can create discomfort. dynamic ergonomics also helps improving the arch support and shock absorption.

The new MEMORY+GEL, combines the two best performing technologies related to comfort: MEMORY FOAM and GEL. The body of the insole is made of MEMORY FOAM, thanks to its viscoelastic properties sensitive to heat, it takes the shape of the foot improving weight distribution, dampening pressure points that can create discomfort. Dynamic ergonomics also helps improving the arch support and shock absorption. The insole is also integrated with a high density GEL in the heel area with high cushioning capacity to better absorb shocks. The perforated structure with communicating channels enhance breathability and the antibacterial coating fabric absorbs perspiration allowing the foot to remain always dry.


Composite antiperforation midsole based on ce- ramics and aramids; flexible, lightweight, amag- netic, athermic, anticorrosive and non allergenic. It protects 100% of the bearing surface; tested ac- cording the new standard eN ISO 12568:2010 “zero perforation”.

Steel perforation midsole resistant to 1100 Newton.


A special PU compound (PU / PU TR) and the out- sole design featuring specific transversal grooves, giving outstanding performance of slip resistance on any terrain, exceedingthe requirements of the norms by three times for the SRA flat test.

Sole 100% polyurethane anti-slip, abrasion resist- ant; extremely light, is characterised by the linear profile and tread, modern and aggressive. With impact Zone in the heel area for optimal shock and micro-vibration absorption.

New high performance bi-density PU sole. It’s the latest achievement of our R&d where the high performance of slip resistance are combined with extreme comfort making it an extremely versatile solution for a variety of end uses.

Innovative sole “Urban Style” in bi-density PU. The soft PU midsole grants an effective shock absorption while the outsole design in high density PU enables good values of slip resistance.

W-Tech, “Wrapping Technology” it’s the innovative productive concept applied to the dominus in PU/ PU sole. The midsole acts as a cushioning element in every situation and supports the heel area of the shoe giving optimum stability and at the same time protecting the toe area against abrasions and impacts.

Sole designed and tested by Aimont® and Vibram® and built in high performance rubber to obtain the best coefficient of anti-slip, wear resistance and optimum cutting edge design. designed to tackle rough terrain and harsh environments, often in adverse weather conditions, this sole offers the best grip and maximum reliability even the most demanding surfaces. The sole KOMPACT VIBRAM® is resistant to contact heat up to 300 ° C.

Sole 'all terrain' dual-density polyurethane, char- acterised by its deep tread patterns providing maximum grip in even the most difficult situations.

New dual density polyurethane sole, with tread designed for maximum stability in demanding environments and outdoors, maximum grip and comfort.

Soft, flexible and lightweight bi-density PU sole. developed for a comfortable support all day long.

gripper white
Single density polyurethane sole, highly non-slip, anti-static and resistant to oils and fats, the intersecting cleats make the sole self-cleaning preventing dirt and liquids from collecting in the channels.

Dual density polyurethane sole for excellent adhesion to different surfaces; resists abrasion, hydro- carbons, oils and fats; the sole density improves comfort whilst standing and walking.

Dual density polyurethane sole, classic and elegant look.

Dual density polyurethane sole, ergonomic, with maximum abrasion resistance and better slip re- sistance..


CALZATA 11All Aimont models are designed on a Mondopoint fit, wide and comfortable.